Black Tiger Sex Machine at Back To Church | ONTARIO's FIRST MAJOR MUSIC FESTIVAL Since Pandemic Began

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Date: Saturday August 7, 2021 @ 4:00 pm
Time: 4:00 pm
Venue: Markham Fairgrounds
Address: 10801 McCowan Road
Location: Downtown
Min Age: All Ages

DNR Productions presents BTSM's Back To Church with support from Whipped Cream, Sam Lamar and more. Come join us on AUGUST 7th at Markham Fairgrounds for a live performance featuring massive production with a full-fledged sound system and lots of subs, it's going to be insane!

For those of you who previously purchased tickets to BTSM @ The Church Drive-In please see FAQ below for an update on your tickets:

 1. Do I still need my car?

 No, cars will no longer be necessary to attend Back To Church as the event has changed to a full general admission show. There will be paid parking available to those who are driving to the event and need to park their vehicle.

 2. What is the total amount I will be refunded?

 Each purchaser will receive the difference between the total base price paid for their car pass, and $300 (the equivalent of $60 x 5 tickets), refunded back to point of purchase. The difference in applicable taxes and fees will also be refunded in the same transaction. See below for example:

 Ex. If your car pass base price was $425 (before taxes and fees), you would receive $125 ($425 less $300) refunded to point of purchase. If your car pass base price was $475, you would receive $175 ($475 less $300) refunded to point of purchase, and so on so forth. 

 The difference in taxes and fees on your base price will also be refunded to point of purchase in the same transaction, less the cost of taxes and fees on $300. 

 3. I have less than 5 people in my car, will I still get 5 tickets?

 Yes, if you purchased a 5 person car ticket then you will receive 5 general admission tickets as a thank you for supporting our event. You are welcome to invite additional Church Fam with your extra ticket(s). 

 4. Are there any Covid regulations?

 Yes, all patrons will be subject to a temperature check upon entering the show (anyone with a temperature above 37.6 C will be sent home). Additionally, all patrons must wear a mask inside the venue at all times, except when eating food and drinking a beverage.

 5. What precautions are you taking against COVID 19?

 Aside from the mask and temperature check regulations, we will adhere to all restrictions laid out by health and government officials. This includes constant sanitization of washrooms, hand sanitization stations, 75% capacity limitations, and EMS and trained staff on site to assist with any patron feeling sick or ill. 

 DNR Productions, BTSM and Markham Fairgrounds are most concerned about the health and safety of our customers, artists, and staff. Let's rage together safely at 75% so we can get back to turning up at 100%.

 6. Is there an unlimited capacity?

 No, the total tickets sold will be 75% of Markham Fairground’s legal capacity as per Ontario’s Phase 3 Regulations. 

 7. I no longer wish to attend, what are my options?

 If you no longer wish to attend then you may request a full refund during the refund window from July 20-23. Tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase.

 8. When do doors open? What are set times?

 Doors open at 4PM. Set times will be released the week of the show, please stay tuned to our socials for more information.

 9. Can I refund part of my car pass if my friend no longer wants to go?

 Unfortunately, there are no partial refunds available. You would have to refund the entire car pass and repurchase individual tickets.

 10. Will there be merch for sale?

 Yes, there will be both BTSM and DNR merch available to purchase.

 11. Do I need to be vaccinated to attend? 

 No, it is not necessary to be fully vaccinated to attend this event.

 12. What are the event hours?

 Back To Church will run from 4-11PM.

 13. Will there be alcohol for sale?

 Yes, there will be alcohol for sale within a 19+ licensed area. Please note that a valid ID will be needed in order to purchase alcohol.

 14. Are we still allowed to bring in sealed food and beverages?

Sealed food and beverages can no longer be brought into Back To Church. There will be food trucks within the venue where you can purchase food and beverages. 

Important Info

Terms and Conditions:

- DNR Productions Events Inc, artists, or venue will not be held responsible legally/financially for any guests falling ill, damage to vehicles, anything related to intoxication, substance abuse or any complications due to COVID-19

- Security reserves the right to search any patrons under suspicion.

- DNR Productions Events Inc has put mitigating measures in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, by attending in person events you increase your risk of contraction. By entering the venue you voluntarily assume all risks and agree that you will not hold DNR Productions or Markham Fairgrounds liable for any illness that may result.

- By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, our Covid-19 protocol, and everything disclosed in the event description.