Best Clubs in Downtown Toronto

Monday May 24, 2021
Best Clubs in Downtown Toronto

Best Clubs in Downtown Toronto

To experience the best nightlife in Toronto, everyone would say you need to visit Downtown Toronto. This city is full of excitement and entertainment that is certainly worth checking out.

Toronto is famous internationally, and amongst many things you can do here, the nightlife is at the top. There are two nightlife hotspots in Downtown Toronto with the liveliest atmosphere and the highest concentration of clubs, and those are the Fashion and Entertainment Districts.

Although there is a long list of the clubs worth visiting, here is a list of the best clubs in Downtown Toronto which I found the best of the best, and my strong opinion is that many would agree on it. So stay with me while I go through some useful and interesting information about each of them.

The best clubs in Downtown Toronto are:

Table of Contents

1. Rebel

2. Lost and Found

3. Coda

4. EFS

5. Cabana Pool Bar/ Waterfront Patio

6. Toybox

7. Mister Wolf


Rebel Nightclub Bottle Service Stage

Rebel is the largest venue with four different rooms and music setups that attract many diverse people of all ages. So if you find yourself in Toronto, you should check out this place, as you will not be disappointed with the experience.

You will not go wrong as it contains different vibes than any of the other clubs. According to what type of music you prefer you can choose which part of the club is perfect. 

If you are in the main room, the music here is the Top 40, EDM, and Hip-Hop; the purple room is purely for R&B and Hip-Hop; the noir room is all about the EDM, Tech & Trance; the savage room if you are a fan of Latin music and the best latin clubs.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found Bottle Service Best Clubs

Lost and Found is a gorgeous smaller venue in Downtown Toronto on King Street. This unique place aims to offer an experience like no other you can get in the city. Here you’d likely see celebrities as it is one of the Toronto Nightclubs you'll likely run into celebrities, artists, and rappers – such as Justin Bieber, Swae Lee, Lebron James, and many others.

This place is fashion-forward and primarily the best of the best Hip-Hop clubs in Toronto, but you can expect to hear the hottest and newest Trap and Rap music. As most of the clubs, the age limit is 19+ and since it gets crowded fast, be sure to get there on time to ensure you get your place.


Coda Decor Best Club Toronto Stage

Coda is one of the best clubs worth visiting in Downtown Toronto, especially because it is open until dawn, and people who like to party for long hours love it. Though it can fit around 500 people, it gets crowded almost always, which is why you should not miss out on checking out this great club.

The sound and lighting systems here are just perfect, and everyone who loves to party hard while listening to Tech House, Deep House, and EDM music will know what I mean by saying this.

EFS Nightclub

EFS Nightclub Bottle Service Crowd

This stylish venue in the Fashion District on King Street West is worth mentioning. So if you wish to have a great party and have a night to remember, be sure to check out this place as it won’t disappoint you in any way.

EFS is one of the most prestigious best clubs in Toronto, and it can fit around 500 people. It works from Wednesday to Saturday, and since it gets crowded pretty quickly, mostly on Saturdays, you should show up a bit earlier if you want to find a place there.

When it comes to the age, the limit is 19+. The music you’ll hear over there is Hip-Hop, Rap, and Trap.

Cabana Pool bar/ Waterfront Patio

Cabana Pool Bar Waterfront Patio Bottle Service Best Clubs Toronto
This classy venue is surely the hottest spot in Downtown Toronto. Cabana Waterfront is a luxury outdoor venue that is a perfect spot for everyone who likes a nice warm-up party before a big night out.

If you are in for a nice cocktail or your favorite glass of wine while listening to some of the biggest hits by DJs, Cabana is a place to go to.


Toybox Hennessey Alcohol Champagne Gun Bottle Service
Let me start this by saying that Toybox is the greatest and one of the biggest clubs in Downtown Toronto. Around 700 people come here to party every weekend and enjoy the great atmosphere this club offers.

The crowd that usually goes here is young, mostly college/university, so if you are one of them, this place is perfect for you – especially if you are a fan of Top 40, EDM, and Hip-Hop music.

Mister Wolf

Mister Wolf Bottle Service Best Clubs in Toronto

Mister Wolf may be a smaller kind of club, but it is the club you need to go to if you want to experience the combination of hipster and Hip-Hop vibes. Since it can fit around 200 people, the place is always full and busy.

This nightclub mostly attracts a younger crowd, somewhere between 20 and 30 years old, and if you find yourself in Queen Street, don’t pass by this great place, check it out, and you’ll be hyped.

Final thoughts

All you need to know about some of the best clubs in Downtown Toronto, you can find it here. If you want to know more about the nightlife in this amazing city, you can check out our ultimate guide to clubs in Toronto.