Toronto Nightclubs: The Ultimate Guide to Clubs in Toronto

Sunday March 21, 2021
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Toronto Nightclubs: The Ultimate Guide to Clubs in Toronto

Toronto - the biggest city in Canada and a well-known destination for many people around the world. If you ever wish to visit Toronto, don't concern yourself about what you can do here - as our nightlife and daylife is reason enough to pack your suitcases and hit the road.

There is a whole range of Toronto Nightclubs where you can hang out and enjoy, so stay with me while I take you through the liveliest nightlife scenes of the city that welcomes enthusiastic people - in need of a good time or Clubs in Toronto.

Table of Contents

1. What are the peak hours of Toronto Nightclubs?

2. Are nightclubs any good, and how many nightclubs are in Toronto?

3. What’s the minimum age to enter a nightclub in Toronto?

4. Where is the location of nightclubs and nightlife venues in Toronto?

4.1. Fashion District Nightclubs

4.2. Polson Pier Nightclub, Pool Bar, and Waterfront Patio

4.3. EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Nightclub

4.4. The Entertainment District Nightclubs

4.5. Queen West Street Nightclubs

4.6. Kensington Market Venues and Nightclubs

4.7. Church and Wellesley Venues and Nightclubs

4.8. GTA (The Greater Toronto Area) Nightclubs

4.8. West of the GTA (The Greater Toronto Area)

4.9. East of the GTA (The Greater Toronto Area)

5. Country / Rock / Pop / Nightclubs & Bars

6. FAQ Toronto Nightclubs

6.1. Are Toronto Nightclubs and clubbing expensive?

6.2. Does Toronto have good nightlife?

6.3. Where do celebrities party in Toronto?

I’ll start with some of the questions you would probably ask - whether you would want to visit it for the first time, or you want to check what you've missed since the last time you were here. Let's dive into it.

What are the peak hours of Toronto Nightclubs?

The peak of the night is definitely around midnight, from my own experience, but the fun starts sometime in the evening. Bars and restaurants close slightly early than pubs and nightclubs, and typically these places take their last order at 2AM, while the clubs stay open until typically 3AM - offering a huge variety of drinks, music, and dance.
The night is young, and there's plenty of time for you to explore some of these mind-blowing spots. Dine-in some of these bars or restaurants, and after delicious food with a glass of your favorite drink, take the night away at one of the top Toronto nightclubs.

Cardi B Rebel Nightclub Toronto

Are nightclubs any good, and how many nightclubs are in Toronto?

Since it's on the list of cities with the best nightlife in Canada, Toronto has a handful of great clubs all over the city. There are around 30 large and well-known clubs, but if you count smaller bars and lounges with it, the list goes on. According to surveys of research groups, there are around 20 to 30 venues that are always full and offer outstanding service.

What’s the minimum age to enter a nightclub in Toronto?

Since a person younger than 19 years can't buy alcohol, the norm for entering a nightclub in Toronto is 19 years old or older. Some venues have a higher age limit - which means the crowd will be a bit mature. If you're planning to check these clubs, you have to be within the right age limit - otherwise, there's no entrance.

Where is the location of nightclubs and nightlife venues in Toronto?

I am going to break down nightclub hotspots in Toronto into two parts. The first one is Downtown Toronto, and the other one is the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

I already hinted that Downtown is one of the areas you have to visit if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Toronto, and from what I saw, the liveliest atmosphere is near these two streets - King Street West and Queen Street West.
Because we want to be more precise, let's pay attention to districts that are famous for the high concentration of many entertainment venues - the Fashion District and the Entertainment District.

Fashion District Nightclubs

The Fashion District is for sure the most residential and commercial in Downtown Toronto. The best part is that its location is around two streets, I already mentioned - Queen Street West and King Street West - that are the most vibrant parts of the town.
Hey, the name may be misleading, and you may think that in this area it’s all about fashion and clothes but, on the other hand, here is where you will find the dominant amount of nightclubs. What is also good to know is that this one is among the most priced areas, but also it’s a place where a big crowd of people - around 80% - comes for the party.

Some of the nightclubs and venues you can find in the Fashion District are:

Lost and Found

private clubs in toronto
Lost and Found Nightclub

Lost and Found is a place that is located on King Street, where you'll enjoy Top 40 and Hip-Hop music, and likely every celebrity, actor, artist, and rapper that tour through Toronto. 


toybox club in toronto
Toybox Nightclub

Toybox is for sure one of the best and larger Clubs in Toronto, with a capacity of around 500 to 600 people. The important thing is that you are at least 19 years old if you want to enter this club. As long as you are wearing classy clothes, you are fine. If you enjoy listening to Hip-Hop, Top 40, and EDM, here is where you want to go for a night out.

Love Child Social House

bars and clubs in toronto
Love Child Nightclub

This venue is located on Bathurst Street, in The Fashion District. It gives such a good vibe and can fit around 400 to 500 people. The music that you'll usually hear over there is a mix of Top 40 and Hip Hop. University and College students are most likely to party here.

Mister Wolf

Mister Wolf Nightclub
This venue combines the hipster vibes of Queen Street with the vibes of the Hip-Hop clubs on King Street. It attracts a new crowd of people every weekend, and it's focusing on playing Hip-Hop and Top 40 with some Rap and R&B. 


Everleigh Nightclub
This nightclub is where you'll mostly hear Oldschool Hip-Hop on Fridays, but on Saturdays, it's a mix of Top 40 and Hip-Hop. It's a large venue that gives a classic vintage wooden vibe.

Early Mercy

earl mercy bar in toronto
Early Mercy Nightclub

This is a trendy cocktail bar that works only on Fridays and Saturdays, and its location is on King Street. Early Mercy is a medium-size venue and the music over there is mostly Hop, Trap, and Urban Top 40 music.


toronto bar
EFS Nightclub

EFS is a nightclub located on King West Street. What is good to know is that they have a dress code, dress stylishly, and avoid baggy jeans, athletic shoes, sportswear, etc. In short words, dress to impress. They mostly feature top 40 and hip-hop music.

Door Three

door three bar
Door Three Nightclub

A nightclub that is also located on King West Street. Working days are only on Friday and Saturday, so make sure it's a weekend when you plan on visiting this venue. Music is Hip Hop, Trap, and Urban Top 40. When it comes to the dressing code, there are no major restrictions, so you can dress casually.


lavelle pool in toronto
Lavelle Nightclub

Lavelle is a great choice if you want to start your evening with a nice warm-up party. It’s a rooftop restaurant with a pool, also located on King West Street. For the dress code, as long as you dress sophisticated and formal, you don't have to worry much. If you like Hip-Hop, R&B and some over all sunny vibes, this is a great place for you.


Arcane Nightclub Photo
There is a saying that only a few will understand Arcane lounge - well, now you must go Downtown and check it out. One more thing - be stylish and classy, and don't wear sneakers and sportswear.

Call Her Juliet

Call Her Juliet Nightclub
Another club in King Street's lively clubbing area is Juliet. When it comes to music, you'll mostly hear hip-hop and underground trap/rap tunes. There are no major rules about the dress code aside from dress to impress - it's all about what is your preference to wear on the upscale side.


best clubs in downtown toronto
Baro Nightclub

Baro is a large venue that is located on King Street. It shares much of a Latin vibe where music is mostly Latin with a mix of Reggaeton, Soca, and Hip-Hop - and it attracts a wide variety of people.

Polson Pier Nightclub, Pool Bar, and Waterfront Patio

Though The Polson Pier is not such Toronto's spot with many clubs and restaurants where you can party through your night, there is still the flagship nightclub, pool bar, and waterfront patio of the entire country of Canada. Here are two venues you may want to visit if you ever find yourselves in this part of the town.

Rebel Nightclub

best nightclub in toronto
Rebel Nightclub

This the largest nightclub in Toronto and all of CANADA as it can fit around 4000 people. If you ever went to Vegas and enjoyed yourself at a nightclub; you'll know exactly the vibe here at Rebel Nightclub. It's opened only on Saturdays, and fashionable attire is strict. The music that you'll hear over there is various, but all in all, you can expect to hear Top 40, Latin, Electronic Dance Music, and House across all the various rooms within the prestiges nightclub.

Cabana Waterfront Patio / Cabana Pool Bar

cabana club in toronto
Cabana Pool Bar and Nightclub Toronto

All in all, a great place where you would enjoy an incredible night with your favorite glass of drink and dinner - it's opened until 10 PM. But, if you still want to continue with your night out, Rebel Nightclub is right there for your convenience!

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Nightclub

Since I already mentioned some of the places where you can be entertained by Electronic Dance Music - such as Rebel Nightclub and Toybox - there's one more that's defintely worth a dedicated highlight.


Coda Nightclub Photo
Coda, which is located on Bathurst Street just north of Bloor, is famous for its music and aesthetics. If your vibe is Tech House, Deep House, and EDM, this is for sure the place where you'd want to go. Working hours are on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 PM till 5 AM, which may vary for some other events.

The Entertainment District Nightclubs

The Entertainment District is a major center for entertainment and is home to some restaurants, nightclubs, and other attractions. In the early 2000s, this area was full of nightclubs, but after 2010 many of them shut down. However, some of the clubs and bars are still operating, and you should not miss out on checking out some of them - if you ever find yourself in Toronto.
Mostly students are the ones who usually go to these places since the prices around here are reasonably-priced. Anyway, student or not, if you wish to have a great time and don't want to spend a fortune on the night out, hear me out and pay a visit to some of these venues.

Some of the nightclubs and venues you can find in The Entertainment District are:

Fiction Nightclub

fiction club toronto
Fiction Nightclub

Right on Pearl Street in the Entertainment District, you'll find this wondrous large club that can fit about 500 to 600 people inside its walls. The music that you will hear over there is Latin, Top 40, House, and Mashups. When it comes to what you'll wear, put on whatever you feel is stylish - just don't wear baggy or athletic clothes.

The Ballroom Bowl

bowling in toronto
The Ballroom Nightclub

This restaurant/bowling venue is a place that mostly attracts university and college crowd that are dressed casually. It's usually getting busy after 11:30 PM, and the music that is played is Top 40.

Parlour Lounge

parlour bar
Parlour Nightclub

This one might be the top choice for those who would like to see a more mature crowd around themselves. Parlour Lounge is a venue where people that are 25+ can enter. If you are not sure what to wear, just put on something stylish - no baggy clothes or sportswear - and you're good to go.

Bar 244

bar 244 toronto
Bar 244 Nightclub

Welcome to a place where you will enjoy Hip-Hop, Pop, and Top 40 Music. Bar 244 is a perfect place to go to if you don't want to spend an enormous amount of money on drinks. Since the drinks are cheap, the younger crowd is more present. You can dress in casual clothes - there are no major restrictions. So it has 2 floors, you will hear Top 40, Pop, Punk, and Rock upstairs. Downstairs - it's all about a combination of hip-hop.

The Fifth Social Club

social club in toronto
Fifth Social Nightclub

So the Fifth Inc offered three new concepts in the year 2020. Rendezviews - the biggest dog-friendly outdoor patio in Toronto. Duncan patio- the cozy venue where you can enjoy summertime with freshly made cocktails. And last but not least, The Fifth Social Nightclub - where you enjoy on the dance floor while listening to mostly Top 40.

Cake Bar & Nightclub

cake bar nightclub toronto
Cake Bar and Nightclub

This is one of the many places where you can go to enjoy the Top 40, POP, R&B and Electronic Dance (EDM) music. When we are talking about clothes, pay attention that wherever you go, you go stylish. So the rule for this club would be the same - wear something nice and classy. The prices are not too high, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll spend much going there.

Queen West Street Nightclubs

There are still some venues worth mentioning, and the first one we'll touch on are all on Queen West Street, bit further than Fashion and the Entertainment Districts.

Baby Huey

bar in toronto
Baby Huey Nightclub

This place is a small bar, and you'll have enough time to enjoy the night since its doors are open until 2 AM. When it comes to what clothes you should wear when you go to this venue - a casual look will be just fine.

Apt 200 Bar

cool clubs in toronto
Apt 200 Nightclub

This place fits around 200 people and the age limit is 19 years and older. Since there’s no specifically dress code you can wear whatever is your own choice - it’s not a big deal. Music that’s played around here is mostly Hip-Hop, R&B, and Trap.

Wayward Bar

super clubs in toronto
Wayward Bar and Nightclub

What you’ll hear over there is mostly Hip-Hop and R&B music. The doors are open for everyone with Fashion-forward - so this place is classy, chic, and beyond any doubt not boring.

The Lounge at the Drake Hotel

best hotels in toronto
The Drake Hotel Lounge and Nightclub

Located on Queen West Street, even not being in the top center, it still offers a fabulous atmosphere. This venue consists of three floors. Firstly, there's a bar with a large patio. Secondly, there's a dance floor with a bar and an elevated section for dining tables. Lastly, the basement - also referred to it as "Underground." If you want to enjoy the large dance floor while listening to Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap and live music on some occasions, be sure you pay a visit.

Kensington Market Venues and Nightclubs

This is an area you should check out if you ever go to Toronto. It's not far from the Downtown, maybe half an hour on foot and with a wheeled transport, you'll get there even faster. The venues here have a more laid-back vibe, and if you are into that, be sure you don't miss out on checking out some of these places.

Sneaky Dee’s

sneaky dees club
Sneaky Dees Nightclub

This is a place where you can have affordable food and drinks and is well known as a major venue for alternative culture and indie rock in Toronto.


toronto handle bar
Handle Bar Nightclub

If you care about the prices, they are reasonable, the atmosphere is dynamic, and if you don't know what you should wear, it's not such a big deal - there's no certain dress code. Overall it's a great spot to have a drink and to listen to live music.

Socialite Restaurant & Bar

popular clubs in toronto
Socialite Nightclub

Socialite Restaurant & Bar is a classy basement lounge with a seasonal patio. If you go there, you'll hear a mix of music - the majority being R&B, hip-hop, and dance hall, but definitely, music that you can dance to it.

Church and Wellesley Venues and Nightclubs

Less than 10 minutes by car and approximately half an hour on foot from the Downtown of Toronto, there is an urban destination with a supportive LGBTQ+ community called Church and Wellesley - also known as "The Village." Some of the venues you'll find here are:

The Lodge

lodge club in toronto
The Lodge Nightclub

Located in Downtown core at Church-Wellesley Village, this social club and bar is the place where you’ll enjoy the events they offer, drinks, and food.

Crews and Tangos

salsa clubs in toronto
Crews and Tangos Nightclub

Crews & Tangos is Toronto’s number one Drag Bar and is close to The Lodge and Pegasus Bar. They have seven days week drag performances and big screen karaoke every Thursday. It's a place where the fun never ends.

Pegasus Bar

pegasus toronto
Pegasus on Church Nightclub

This friendly bar is located in the heart of the LGBTQ+ community, and it's a great gathering spot for locals and travelers alike.

GTA (The Greater Toronto Area) Nightclubs

The Greater Toronto area includes all the suburbs - on the west and the east sides. If you have time to check out all of these parts of Toronto, you can easily access public transports - like the subway or TTC
Street Cars. I'll be short and give you just some example venues you can visit while staying here.

West of the GTA


where to eat in toronto
&Co Nightclub

This is a premier nightlife venue of Mississauga, and it's known for its Latin, Hip-Hop nights mixed with R&B, Trap, and Dancehall. It can fit around 300 people that are 19+ and dressed fashion-forward casual.

Sugar Daddy's

best dance clubs in toronto
Sugar Daddys Nightclub

Here, DJs are playing mostly Hip-Hop, Top 40, and R&B. For those who want privacy, this club has VIP curtained areas. For the rest of the people who want to enjoy dancing, the dance floor is enormous. The age limit is 19+.

East of the GTA

Cocktail House Bar & Lounge

cocktail bar in toronto
Cocktail House Nightclub

Opened only on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 PM till 3 AM, this venue is premier for GTA. If you are in this part of the city, you’ll enjoy a mix of throwback hip hop, dancehall, and reggae music.

Aquário Beach Club

bar on the open in toronto
Aquario Beach Nightclub

It's a nice lounge with the pool, where you can enjoy the great atmosphere, music, and drinks. It's opened until 11 PM, and if you wish to continue the night out after 11 PM and don’t want to go farther than the GTA east side, you can still go to Cocktail House Bar.

Country / Rock / Pop / Nightclubs & Bars

Since I mentioned many venues where you can mostly listen to Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap, and Electronic Dance Music, I still need to let you know about places where you can go if you prefer Country, Rock and Pop music. For the most part, these places will play the music that is Country, Pop, Soft Rock, and Punk Rock. Unfortunately for those who enjoy this music, you won’t find any large clubs. Nonetheless, there are still some that you may find suitable.

The Rock “N’ Horse Saloon

rock n horse club
Rock N Horse Nightclub

The Rock 'n' Horse Saloon is right in downtown Toronto, in the heart of the Entertainment District, and it presents the absolute country western experience.

Grace O’Malley’s

irish pub in toronto
Grace O Malleys Nightclub

Perfect place to listen to cover bands that are playing here from Wednesday to Saturday. Very close to King Street, by its location.

2 Cats Cocktail Lounge

2 Cats Nightclub Photo
The music that is played here is a perfect mix of oldies and new tones. Its location is on The King West Street.

FAQ Toronto Nightclubs

When it comes to frequently asked questions about the nightlife in Toronto, there are many, so let’s see some of them.

Are Toronto Nightclubs and clubbing expensive?

It is expensive, like any other metropolis, but there are still many venues where you will not spend a fortune. Be prepared to have some money if you want to experience things in Toronto and Clubs.

Does Toronto have good nightlife?

Yes, it does. We believe we've done our best to provide a comprehensive view of the nightclub landscape in Toronto throughout this ultimate guide.

Where do celebrities party in Toronto?

We've already touched on this subject on another article we've written which can be found here for your convenience: 6 TORONTO NIGHTCLUBS YOU’LL RUN INTO CELEBRITIES IN 2022

Mostly, they will party wherever they can have privacy and security.

Lastly, I hope that you will find this article well put and informative enough that you'll have no problems when you find yourselves in Toronto. And if I have to be more precise, I'd say that the best area to go to is Downtown - The fun is the highest over there. Decide, would you rather go for a laid-back night out, or you want to dance the night away in some of the biggest nightclubs. The list is long, and I’m sure there is something for everybody. 

Stay Safe and Please Drink Responsibly!