6 Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Toronto

Thursday April 29, 2021
Best Hip Hop Clubs in Toronto

6 Best Hip Hop Clubs in Toronto

Let me start this by saying that Toronto is a lively and astonishing city in every possible way.

It flourishes with beautiful architecture and buildings, such as CN Tower, which is currently the ninth tallest free-standing structure globally – and its culture is just wide with many museums, theatres, festival events, etc.

Whether you are looking to explore the city during the day or night, Toronto got you covered. If you ever find yourselves thinking about visiting this gorgeous city, you should know a thing or two.

Here I’ll pay more attention to the best Hip Hop clubs in Toronto that you should not miss out on, whether you are from town and never went there, or you are just visiting.

As you may know, Toronto has an excellent and wide range of clubs all around the city, and once you get here, you will not be disappointed, let me be quite sure about that.

With a lot of experience this town has to offer, let’s go straight to the point of where you should go if you're looking for Hip-Hop music.

Toronto Nightclubs are various, and you may find many places where you can go to and listen to this type of music, but still, there are those clubs that stand out as the best ones, so let’s dive further into this topic. Here are some of the best Hip-Hop clubs in Toronto.

Table of Contents

1. Lost & Found

2. EFS Social club

3. Everleigh

4. Door Three

5. The Fifth Social Club

6. Call Her Juliet

1. Lost & Found

Lost & Found Best Hip Hop Club in Toronto

Lost and Found is a place that is located on King Street, where you'll enjoy Top 40 and Hip-Hop music, and likely every celebrity, actor, artist, and rapper that tour through Toronto. Featured on our 6 TORONTO NIGHTCLUBS YOU’LL RUN INTO CELEBRITIES IN 2022.

You are absolutely guaranteed to be within feet of some of the most major celebrities and artists eventually- potentially even the bottle service table next to you. The most notable in recent memory are Justin Beiber, Lebron James, Gronk, OBJ, SwaeLee, Cam'Ron, Future, Miguel, Joseph Sikora, Virgil Abloh and EVEN MORE!

2. EFS Social club

EFS Best Hip Hop Clubs in Toronto

EFS nightclub is an impressive and trendsetting venue located on King West in the Fashion District of Toronto.

This fantastic venue can fit approximately 500 people and is regularly crowded, mostly young professionals from 21 to 35. Since it is hard to get into this club, the best time to show up is around 11:30 PM – this will ensure your entrance without having to wait for too long.

When it comes to the age limit, people who are 21+ can enter with an exception for the ladies who must be at least 19 and older. EFS is best known for being the gold standard for Hip-Hop clubs in Toronto and its DJs that flawlessly mix popular Hip-Hop tracks and songs from the local Hip-Hop and Rap artists.

Address: 647 King Street West, Toronto, ON
Working Hours: Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 PM - 3:00 AM

3. Everleigh Club

Everleigh Best Hip Hop Clubs in Toronto

This medium-sized venue can fit around 400 people, and with its location on King West Street, it’s not hard to find it. EFS is also included in our top 10 Clubs in Toronto article!

The colored lights illuminating the front of the club make it easy to recognize the Everleigh venue.

While you may wonder about what type of clothes you should wear, there is no need for worry as long as you are fashion-forward.

The age limit for entering the Everleigh club is 19+, but the crowd that comes here are mostly young professionals from age 20 to 35.

Though you can expect to hear mixes of Top 40, R&B, Hip-Hop, and early 2000s hits, the DJs mainly play Hip-Hop tracks.

With its music, this venue attracts a broad range of people with great tastes for music. Since the line in front of the club usually forms around 11:00 PM, get there a bit earlier in case you want to avoid waiting for too long.

Address: 580 King Street West, Toronto, ON
Working Hours: Friday and Saturday from 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM

4. Door Three

Door Three Best Hip Hop Clubs in Toronto

Door Three is a club located in Downtown Toronto and is one of the best places you can visit if you enjoy Hip-Hop music.

The venue is smaller than the rest of the clubs, with a capacity of around 200 people, which is why it tends to get busy and hit the capacity quite fast. Because this venue gets crowded quickly, my recommendation is to go a bit earlier if you want to ensure you’ll find a place in this club.

The club mostly attracts a young crowd, mostly from 19 to 25 years old, dressed fashion-forward. Door three is a great nightclub where you can expect to hear mainly Hip-Hop with some trap and R&B mixes, so be sure you check out this place.

Address: 667 King Street West, Toronto, ON
Working Hours: Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM

5. The Fifth Social Club

Fifth Social Club Best Hip Hop Clubs in Toronto

This amazing venue, located in Toronto’s Entertainment District, is best known for its legendary theme parties.

The Fifth Social club can fit around 500 people, and it always gets busy, no matter if it’s on Friday or Saturday night, every week is a new party game, and the crowd loves it.

The club mostly attracts young and mature professionals who are dressed up-scale classy. The DJs mostly play Hip-Hop with a mix of Top 40 and EDM, and there is a massive dance floor where you can enjoy the beats.

All the booths in this club are elevated, and they provide some privacy for those who like that. Before this place fills up with the crowd, the vibe is more chill, but as soon as it starts to get busy, the club becomes a highly energetic place.

Address: 225 Richmond Street West, Suite 100, Toronto, ON
Working Hours: Friday and Saturday from 10:00 PM - 2:30 AM

6. Call Her Juliet

Call Her Juliet Best Hip Hop Clubs in Toronto

This medium-sized venue, located in Fashion District, is surely one of a kind Hip-Hop club. Call Her Juliet is King’s Street hottest club that plays Hip-Hop music, with the Trap, Rap mixes, so it’s a great spot to visit.

The capacity of this club is around 400 people, and the crowd is mostly urban and young from 19 to 25 years old. If you wonder what you should wear, you are good to go as long as you are fashion-forward.

The prices are slightly higher, with the bottle prices from 200$ to 400$, and higher. If you want to get a booth, be prepared with the money – you will need to order two bottles on Fridays and three bottles on Saturdays if you stay at the booth.

All in all, if you come with a group of friends, Call Her Juliet nightclub is a great place to party.

Address: 510 King Street West, Toronto, ON
Working Hours: Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 PM - 3:00 AM


I hope this article provides all the things you wanted to know about the best Hip-Hop clubs in Toronto. Make sure that you enjoy the night and hit the dance floor wherever you choose to go.

These clubs are some of the best clubs you can find in Toronto, and if you like Hip-Hop music, you will not be disappointed with these choices.

If Hip Hop is not what you're looking for - you can find out best Latin Clubs in Toronto here!