Everleigh Nightclub

Not quite a nightclub and not just a bar or lounge, The Everleigh is a fresh take on Canadian nightlife interpreted through nostalgia, art, music, cocktails and culture and is the seventh venture from (C)apture Group, helmed by Toronto hospitality trendsetters Zark Fatah and Ralf Madi.
The Everleigh caters to evolved King West faithfuls by fusing old and new world concepts across two rooms to create a mature yet fun social experience while still offering next-generation club-goers a solid place to dance. The Everleigh will also act as a showcase for local and international artists and photographers. The space includes original artwork by American street artist Alec Monopoly.
With The Everleigh, (C)apture Group celebrates and re-interprets Canadiana, marrying iconic vintage ideas with street-edge design while adding a sexy opulent flair reminiscent of Chicago’s Everleigh Brothel in the early 1900s. Century-old antiques and bespoke art installations pepper the space. Creative integration of the discontinued copper penny infuses shine and texture throughout the venue; while Muskoka-themed washrooms offer a new take on an old world canoe. A flock of geese across the ceiling is a key focal point in the lounge representing the migration and evolution of King West in Toronto.
Creative mixology is the foundation for The Everleigh's dynamic bar experience. The drink menu appeals to even the most discerning tastes and includes a colourful and delicious cocktail selection curated by award-winning mixologist Nishan Nepulaonga (Blowfish Restaurant).
The dance floor, VIP tables and bottle service packages cater to those looking for a big night out with Toronto Clubs. Music will feature both local DJs as well as international guests. Catering and customized services are available for private events.
Address: 580 King Street West
Location: Toronto
Min Age: 19+
Dress Code: Fashionable Attire
Layout: Two Rooms to create a mature yet fun social experience