The evolution of Toronto's legendary Footwork nightclub metamorphosed into CODA in 2014 - equipped with a custom state of the art PK sound system, it has become one of North America's premier venues for underground dance music. 

Friends of music and nightlife congregate here for a vibrant, safe and inclusive clubbing experience. Coda offers a wide range of music and culture with the intention of inspiring positivity and diversity to fans & friends who share these values. Their goal is to engage, evolve and exceed the expectations of what a nightlife experience can be. Coda strives to leave standout memories in the minds of both artists and fans alike.

Address: 794 Bathurst Street
Venue Type: Nightclubs, Bars
Crowd: Techno, EDM
Location: Toronto
Min Age: 19+
Dress Code: We encourage style and personal expression at Coda and we always appreciate customer efforts to contribute to the energy of an event with their creativity. We do have a “shirts on” policy however the right to enforce or not enforce this policy at
Music: EDM, House, Techno
Layout: 2nd-Story Nightclub with a Smoking Patio
Patio: Yes

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