BTSM Makes History as ONTARIO's FIRST MAJOR MUSIC FESTIVAL Since Pandemic Began

Tuesday July 20, 2021
Festivals in Toronto

Envy Productions is making history!

Based in Canada, Envy Productions is one of the leading talent buyers and concert production companies in North America. They boast 100+ successfully held events all over the world, they proudly announced that after a long 16 months, a new one will finally take place as Ontario comes back to life once again.

Check their site for more details: 

It is confirmed that BLACK TIGER SEX MACHINE / BTSM and their electronic music lovers and fans alike are going to party like never before in Toronto. For further details you can follow BTSM on their social link below. 


On Saturday, August 7th you will be able to experience ONTARIO’S FIRST MAJOR MUSIC FESTIVAL since the Pandemic began! Prepare yourself and get the full experience after what's felt like forever! The event will be held at the Markham Fairgrounds Venue which is located at the northeast corner of McCowan Road and Elgin Mills Road.

Details about the location and venue: 


We have been preparing for this for a long time, and nobody wants to miss it. It is going to be the show of the year. Gates will open at 4PM sharp on August 7th, 2021 at the mentioned Venue. 

It’s official that restrictions will loosen up across all of Ontario. If we take concert venues into consideration, 50% or around 1,000 people are allowed for seated events indoors while for seated events outdoors is allowed up to 75% of full capacity or up to 15,000 people.

When it comes to outdoor events with no seating, a 75% capacity or up to 5,000 people are allowed. As far as we are concerned, it’s good enough. We are just happy we can finally attend one of these amazing shows again. 

A long year is behind us and that time has finally come where we can socialize and entertain ourselves again. But, don’t forget to stay safe and respect all the instructions given in enclosed and outdoor areas as well.

Thanks to the Toronto Clubs we are able to enjoy the nightlife again. Every upcoming event will be published on our site and you will be updated with the latest event as soon as possible. By visiting the site, you can also purchase the tickets, check the available venues, and see the past events.

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