10 The Best Supper Clubs in Toronto

Monday December 11, 2023

Hey Toronto foodies and nightlife enthusiasts! Get ready to dive into the world of Toronto's supper clubs, where delicious eats meet lively beats. 

From chic rooftops to elegant poolside dining, the city's supper club scene is buzzing with unique experiences. 

Whether you're in the mood for a sophisticated dinner, a night of dancing, or a blend of both, these spots have got you covered. 

So, let's embark on a culinary and social adventure through Toronto's most exciting supper clubs!

10 The Best Supper Clubs in Toronto

  1. Lavelle 
  2. Cabana Pool Bar 
  3. Soluna 
  4. Toronto Beach Club
  5. Kissa Toronto
  6. Mademoiselle
  7. Ultra 
  8. Grand Bizarre 
  9. Valerie 
  10. Empire
  11. Acqua 

1. Lavelle Toronto: A Sky-High Culinary Adventure

lavelle toronto

Escape to Lavelle, a rooftop experience unlike any other in Toronto’s exclusive King West neighbourhood. This one-of-a-kind landmark venue sits 16 stories above the city.

The luxurious space features a lounge bar, dining room, outdoor pools, and cabanas. All these come with breathtakingly unobstructed, 360-degree views of the city skyline​​.

As the sun sets, Lavelle transforms. It becomes a vibrant nightclub, attracting a trendy and fashionable crowd. The music is eclectic, with a lively mix of house and hip-hop​​.

2. Cabana Pool Bar Toronto: A Lakeside Dining Oasis

cabana pool bar toronto

Cabana Pool Bar is not just a venue; it's an experience. It's Toronto's largest outdoor day club and entertainment venue, offering a unique sunshine playground alongside lakeside eats.

The venue spans 50,000 square feet. It includes an octagonal swimming pool, 12 full-size cabanas, a patio area, and a dining area. There's also a DJ booth, all set against the backdrop of expansive views of downtown Toronto​​.

Cabana Pool Bar stands out for its dining experience. The menu showcases a range of dishes, from light bites to full meals. These are designed to satisfy your palate while you soak up the sun by the pool​​.

3. Soluna Toronto: A Bohemian-Themed Tropical Oasis

Soluna Toronto offers a laid-back dining experience that takes guests on a sensory journey. Savor coastal flavors from around the world at this restaurant, bar, and rooftop patio. By day, it's an escape from the city's hustle in a rooftop oasis​​.

The space, previously known as BamBoo, has transformed into Soluna, a bohemian-themed retreat resembling a tropical resort. The menu and cocktails are inspired by coasts worldwide, offering a diverse culinary adventure​​​​.

Located at 312 Queen St W, Soluna is a place where history and modern culinary experiences meet. It's a venue that not only serves dishes but also offers Supper Club nights, making it a versatile and vibrant destination in Toronto's dining scene​​.

4. Toronto Beach Club: Mediterranean Elegance on Lake Ontario

toronto beach club

Toronto Beach Club brings the sophistication of the Mediterranean to the freshwater shores of Woodbine Beach. This beachfront restaurant is part of Scale Hospitality, known for venues like Shook, Lapinou, and Byblos​​.

At 1681 Lake Shore Blvd E, the club offers a sensory journey with a menu that includes the freshest daily fish, juicy seafood, premium meats, and mezze​​. 

The Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, unique cocktails, and diverse wine selection make it a standout destination​​.

The Toronto Beach Club is not just about dining; it's about the experience. With Oasis Brunches and evening dinners, the club provides a European coastal getaway vibe, set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Ontario​​.

5. Kissa Toronto: A Vinyl Listening Lounge and Culinary Delight

kissa toronto

Kissa Toronto stands out as a unique blend of culinary and cultural experiences. Located at 619 King St W, it's a place where music and dining intertwine. Kissa offers an extraordinary indulgence into the senses, right in the heart of the city​​.

The venue is known for its "Listening Bar," perfect for a late-night bite and sip, accompanied by the charm of vinyl music. The neon stairs lead you to the fashion-forward state of the Lounge, where retro charm meets contemporary sounds​​.

Kissa's food philosophy revolves around flavorful small plates that create a communal dining atmosphere. Embracing local produce, the menu shines a light on Japanese snacks with innovative twists, introducing guests to new tastes and textures​​.

6. Mademoiselle Toronto: Upscale Dining with a Splash of Glamour

mademoiselle toronto

Mademoiselle, a new addition to King West, has quickly become a hotspot for fine dining in Toronto. Located at 563 King St W, this former strip club has been transformed into an upscale seafood restaurant, adding a touch of elegance to the street​​.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes a food menu, drink menu, dessert menu, and a happy hour menu, catering to a variety of palates and preferences​​. 

Open from 5 pm to 2 am, Mademoiselle Raw Bar & Grill invites guests to enjoy an exciting dining experience in a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere​​.

Mademoiselle is more than just a restaurant; it's a lively and fancy destination, perfect for special occasions. The global and international cuisine reflects its diverse and sophisticated character​​.

7. Ultra Toronto: A Sensory Feast of Pan-Asian Delights

ultra toronto supper club

Ultra Supper Club Toronto invites guests to an extraordinary sensory adventure. Located at 12 St. Clair Ave. E., nestled between Rosedale, Summerhill, and Forest Hill, Ultra offers a feast for the senses. This includes exceptional Pan-Asian cuisine, exquisite cocktails, and elevated entertainment​​.

The decor at Ultra, inspired by Alexander McQueen, adds to its luxurious and avant-garde atmosphere, making it the ultimate sensory destination. The venue is renowned for its diverse selection of Pan Asian dishes, each crafted to tantalize your taste buds​​​​.

8. Grand Bizarre Toronto: A Landmark Dining Destination with a Touch of History

Grand Bizarre Toronto

Grand Bizarre Toronto captures the imagination of nightlife as a landmark dining destination. Situated in the heart of Exhibition Place at Saskatchewan Road and Princes’ Boulevard, it's uniquely positioned between the vibrancy of Liberty Village and the shores of Ontario Place​​.

The Grand Bizarre is not just a supper club; it's a piece of Toronto's history. Housed in the Horticulture Building, built in 1907 for the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) by G.W. Gouinlock, it blends historical significance with modern dining and entertainment​​.

Grand Bizarre is known for its passion for cuisine, sake, cocktails, and genuine hospitality. The club strives to provide friendly, unpretentious, and confident service excellence. It's a place that is ready to serve a diverse clientele, from locals to tourists, looking for an extraordinary night out in the city​​.

With its unique location and blend of history and contemporary style, Grand Bizarre Toronto stands out as a go-to destination for those seeking an exceptional club experience in Toronto.

9. Valerie Toronto: Japanese-Influenced Elegance with a View

Valerie Toronto

Valerie Toronto presents a new dynamic dining experience atop Hotel X Toronto. This rooftop fine dining patio specializes in Japanese-influenced dishes, offering guests a panoramic view of the city. Valerie's location on the top of Hotel X makes it a unique spot in Toronto's dining landscape​​​​.

Valerie offers diverse dining areas, including the Rooftop, Sunroom, and Drawing Room, each providing a different ambiance to cater to various occasions. 

The restaurant's casual yet elegant dining style and its Japanese cuisine add to its allure, making it an ideal spot for both special occasions and casual gatherings​​.

10. Empire Toronto: Italian Elegance Meets Nightlife Glamour

Empire Toronto

Empire Supper Club Toronto blends Italian dining with a lively nightlife experience. Located in the city’s bustling King West area, it serves Italian dinners and various cocktails in a distinctive, dimly lit space, complete with LED screens along the walls. 

The club's immersive cocktail experiences and VIP service make everyone feel like a star​​.

The vision of Empire Supper Club is to offer an unforgettable evening where guests can enjoy a wonderful meal and then stay for bottle service and a cocktail bar. It's a perfect destination for those seeking a night out without the need to hop to different locations​​.

11. Acqua Toronto: A Sanctuary of Modern European Flavors

Acqua Toronto

Acqua Supper Club offers a sanctuary of experience and dining along the breathtaking shores of Toronto. It's an ideal venue for various events, from cocktail parties and intimate weddings to corporate functions and sit-down meals​​.

Located in Toronto, Canada, Acqua operates Tuesday through Sunday, with varying hours. The club is known for its Modern European cuisine, providing an exquisite fusion of flavors inspired by diverse cuisines from around the world. 

The venue's atmosphere exudes refined luxury, meticulously crafted to elevate the dining experience of its guests​​​​.


What is the concept of a supper club?

A supper club is a dining establishment that combines restaurant-style dining with entertainment, often featuring live music, dancing, and a vibrant social atmosphere.

What is the difference between a supper club and a restaurant?

Unlike a traditional restaurant that focuses mainly on dining, a supper club offers an entertainment experience alongside meals, typically in a more social and lively setting.

Why is it called supper?

The term 'supper' traditionally refers to an informal evening meal, and supper clubs are named as such because they offer evening dining along with entertainment.

Wrap Up

Toronto's supper club scene is where culinary delights meet vibrant entertainment. 

Each club, like the exquisite Lavelle Toronto or the lively Empire Supper Club, offers a unique blend of dining and socializing, making them a cornerstone of the city's nightlife.

These clubs transform ordinary dinners into extraordinary social events, perfect for experiencing Toronto's energetic spirit. 

Whether it's rooftop dining or a beachside feast, Toronto's supper clubs are where unforgettable nights are made, offering the best of food, fun, and fellowship.