Mademoiselle Raw Bar + Grill

Mademoiselle is located on King Street West and a 2-Floor supper club with an upstairs balcony. It gives an intimate, classy, and boujee vibe. The place is very large with several bars and several booths.


Dom Pérignon vending machines are first to be noticed and they give the club an upper-class vibe. It feels like a private party because it is such a large venue with only a few booths and not much of a dancing floor. Even though the club seems to be for the upper class, it isn’t difficult to get into this venue, and everyone is welcome inside.

Even if you don’t have a booth, you can still be at the bar and enjoy music with a couple of drinks. This mini-club doesn’t get packed easily, but because it is a popular venue, it does hit capacity quickly, and if you don’t come on time, you may not have a proper place to stay and enjoy the rest of your evening. By going to the venue before 11:30 PM, you are making sure to find a place before everything gets crowded quickly.

Mademoiselle exclusively plays Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B. Usually, the demographic here is typically a mix of younger and older business people. Women generally range from 20 to 30, but it depends on the night and the event. The most important thing is the vibe is great, people are friendly, and there are rarely any problems or incidents associated with this mini-club.


The club is located on the south side of King Street West, just West of Spadina Street. All you need to do is find the sign MADEMOISELLE, which is the name of the supper club.


The capacity is roughly 200 people because it is a decently sized venue. Due to its size, it hits its capacity very quickly on busy nights, so make sure to come before 11:30 PM. Mademoiselle doesn’t require a cover to get in, but you need to be on a guest list to secure your place at the club. It is important to be guest-listed since some nights quickly hit capacity.


To enter this mini-club, you must be at least 19, and no exceptions are made.


As long as you are dressed well, you will be fine. Young business people usually dress classy, formal, or fashion-forward. There isn’t a strict dress code, and women can bring in purses. Sportswear and side beg for men are not allowed.


It is mainly a mix of Rap and a very well-curated Hip-Hop.


The cover charge is free as long as you are on the guestlist, so make sure to sign up for it.


Prices for mid-range liquor bottles typically range from $200 to $500, and for higher bottles, it is $600+.


Make sure to sign up for the guest list ahead of time and secure your place in the club. We suggest you arrive there before 11:30 since it is a small place and the capacity hits very quickly.

Address: 563 King Street West
Venue Type: Bar, Supper Club, Nightclub
Hours: Monday 5 PM–2 AM
Tuesday 5 PM–2 AM
Wednesday 5 PM–2 AM
Thursday 5 PM–2 AM
Friday 5 PM–2 AM
Saturday 5 PM–2 AM
Sunday 5 PM–2 AM
Location: Toronto
Min Age: 19+
Dress Code: Fashion Forward and Smart Casual
Music: Country, Hip Hop