9 Best Toronto Day Clubs: Sun, Fun, and Music

Monday December 11, 2023
toronto day clubs

Discover the buzz of Toronto's day clubs. These spots are where cool pools and rooftop patios offer an urban escape like no other.

Whether it's a refreshing dip at Lavelle or a vibrant pool party at Cabana Pool Bar, each venue brings its unique flair. Relax on the rooftop vibe at Valerie Toronto or enjoy the lively atmosphere of Grand Bizarre.

Join us as we take a plunge into best day clubs and pools in Toronto. Your go-to destinations for an unforgettable mix of swimming, socializing, and soaking in the city's energy.

 9 Best Toronto Day Clubs

  1. Lavelle Toronto Pools
  2. Cabana Pool Bar Toronto
  3. Valerie Toronto ROOFOTP Pools
  4. Grand Bizarre Toronto Pools
  5. Toronto Beach Club Patio
  6. KOST Toronto ROOFTOP
  7. Harriet's ROOFTOP Patio
  8. The Porch ROOFTOP Patio
  9. Hemingways ROOFTOP Patio

1. Lavelle Toronto Pools: A Sky-High Escape

Lavelle Toronto Pools exemplifies the allure of day clubs in Toronto. Nestled in the King West neighbourhood, this rooftop haven soars 16 stories above the city. It's a blend of luxury and serenity.

The venue boasts outdoor pools and cabanas. Each spot offers a stunning, unobstructed 360-degree city view. It's an upscale retreat, perfect for basking in the sun or enjoying a refreshing swim​​​​.

At Lavelle, the experience extends beyond swimming. Enjoy dining and lounging with panoramic city vistas. For an entry of $45 + tax, this rooftop pool offers a unique urban getaway​​.

2. Cabana Pool Bar Toronto: Lakeside Vibrancy

Cabana Pool Bar Toronto, a gem among day clubs in Toronto, offers an energetic lakeside experience. It's the city's largest outdoor day club and a hub for entertainment. This venue is where fun and relaxation converge by the lake.

Spanning 50,000 square feet, the space includes a pool, cabanas, and dining areas. It's equipped to host up to 2,500 guests, with seating for 850. The bar is a sanctuary for sun-seekers​​​​.

Cabana Pool Bar isn't just about the swim. It's a culinary adventure, too. The menu ranges from light bites to full meals. These dishes are crafted to delight, completing the lakeside day club experience​​.

3. Valerie Toronto ROOFTOP Pools: Panoramic Elegance

Valerie Toronto stands out with its rooftop pool experience. Located atop Hotel X Toronto, it offers a unique blend of luxury and panoramic city views.

This rooftop pool provides an exclusive atmosphere. It's perfect for those seeking relaxation in an upscale setting. Guests can enjoy a tranquil swim or lounge in style, surrounded by the impressive Toronto skyline.

4. Grand Bizarre Toronto Pools: Historic Splendor Meets Modern Leisure

Grand Bizarre Toronto combines historical charm with contemporary luxury. Situated in the iconic Exhibition Place, it offers more than just a swimming experience.

The pool area at Grand Bizarre is steeped in history. 

It's an ideal spot for those wanting a unique day club experience. Here, guests can enjoy the grandeur of Toronto's past alongside the comforts of today's luxury.

5. Toronto Beach Club Patio: A Mediterranean Haven

Toronto Beach Club Patio is a dynamic beach club experience located at 1681 Lake Shore Blvd E. Toronto, Ontario. The club brings a slice of the Mediterranean to Toronto, with its menu featuring flavors and colors that traverse many cultural and culinary borders. 

This beach club allows you to escape on a globetrotting journey with each moreish bite. As the evening sets in, the club transforms into an ultimate night-on-the-town destination, offering a blend of delicious dining and a vibrant atmosphere​​.

The Beach Club operates for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, starting at 5pm, and offers an Oasis Brunch on Sundays from 10:30am to 2:30pm. This venue provides the perfect setting for guests looking for a blend of luxury and a laid-back beach atmosphere, right in the heart of Toronto​​.

6. KOST Toronto ROOFTOP: Baja-Inspired Retreat in the Sky


KOST Toronto ROOFTOP is located 44 stories above Toronto's entertainment district, atop the Bisha Hotel. Inspired by the Baja Peninsula, KOST offers an al fresco dining experience that feels like a quick escape to the California coastline. 

The venue features a world-renowned infinity pool and boasts unparalleled views of both the city and the lakeshore​​.

KOST is open seven days a week, serving breakfast, lunch, midday snacks, and dinner. The weekend brunch on Saturdays and Sundays is particularly popular, offering guests a chance to enjoy modern cuisine and refreshing cocktails while soaking in the panoramic views from one of Toronto's most vibrant spaces​​.

7. Harriet's Rooftop Patio: Unrivaled Views in a Luxurious Setting

Harriet's Rooftop Patio:

Harriet's Rooftop at 1 Hotel Toronto offers expansive views of vibrant Toronto. This luxurious rooftop space is adorned with reclaimed and sustainable materials, creating a setting that is both lively and cozy​​.

Guests at Harriet's can enjoy light bites made from seasonal ingredients, wellness cocktails with fresh juices, and for those looking for something extra, there are craft cocktails and bottle service.

The rooftop is an ideal spot for those who wish to experience both relaxation and a bit of nightlife, all in one elegant setting.

8. The Porch Rooftop Patio: A Refreshing Escape in the Entertainment District

The Porch Rooftop Patio

The Porch Rooftop Patio is a unique venue that offers an unmatched view of the CN Tower and a one-of-a-kind experience in Toronto. Located above the Rock ‘N’ Horse saloon in the city’s entertainment district, The Porch is just three blocks north of the Rogers Centre​​​​.

The Porch is known for its spectacular downtown Toronto and CN Tower views, making it an excellent spot for enjoying a refreshing patio beer, an ice-cold margarita, or a breezy summer night with friends. 

It's a place that ensures a spectacular experience whether you're visiting for a casual after-work drink or a fun night out. The Porch operates from Thursday to Saturday, offering extended hours on the weekend​​.

Wrap-Up: Toronto Day Clubs - Sun, Fun, and Style

In the heart of Toronto, day clubs like Lavelle and Cabana Pool Bar are more than just pools — they're where the city's vibrant spirit shines. 

These venues blend relaxation with lively entertainment, making them the essence of Toronto's social scene. 

For unforgettable summer experiences, Toronto's day clubs are the go-to destinations.