The Parkdale Hall

Parkdale Hall is a multi-purpose event that will open in October 2020. Our space has the original roof of the historic Parkdale Theater, which was built in 1920 and restored 100 years later. It is located one block east of the intersection of King Street, Queen Street and Ron Subarus Avenue. , Parkdale Hall is a proud member of the Parkdale and Toronto community.

Land Acknowledgement

It has been a place of human activity for 15,000 years. This land is the territory of Huron Wendat and Petun indigenous peoples of Seneca, and more recently the Mississaugas of the Credit River. The region was subject to the Spoon Wampum Belt Treaty, an agreement between the Iroquois Federation and the Ojibwe Union and allies to peacefully share and nurture resources around the Great Lakes.
Today, Toronto's meeting place is still home to many indigenous peoples from all over Turtle Island. I am grateful for the opportunity to work in the local community.


The Parkdale Theater opened in the spring of 1920. Built by the chain mogul Jay and Jules Allen, it was designed by C. Howard Crane, Detroit's premier cinema architect. The interior of the theater was lush with spacious and ornate stucco ceilings, gold accents, crystal chandeliers and over 1,500 soft leather seats.
Known as the Workers Riviera, the area was an entertainment destination for Toronto residents due to its many theaters, live music, and proximity to amusement parks and Sunnyside Beach. The Parkdale Theater was closed in the summer of 1970.
Many tenants have lived there for years, from Eaton's annex to beer shops and some anti-sellers, but they keep the building away from its roots as a place for people's entertainment and installation.
Size: 5700 square meters. Capacity: 500

Features: Original 1920s ceiling, fully accessible main level, 6 gender neutral bathrooms, 1 barrier-free bathroom, stilt stage, full bar, commercial kitchen, dressing room, high quality PA system.

Includes: 50 8-foot wooden tables, 70 folding chairs


Whether it's an intimate live performance or a bright concert, the venue can accommodate up to 500 people. Our main room is acoustically processed and has a wealth of lighting and acoustic options for all levels of production. With a green room, tour bus parking and a loading dock, Parkdale Hall provides the perfect night out.

Corporate Events

Corporate banquets, seminars and holiday parties are the perfect complement to Parkdale Hall. Our open floor plans and flexible decoration guidelines allow you to customize the details of your event. Stage and screen options are suitable for any speaker or presenter. Our simple booking system and practical approach simplify the planning process and allow you to focus on what's important.


Make a vow at Parkdale Hall, a fascinating theater of the 1920s. With a civic ceremony for up to 250 people and a 25-foot ceiling, this breathtaking venue provides plenty of natural light and fills the space with warm glow throughout the year. From simple to majestic, intimate to extravagant, we know that two weddings are not the same and they never connect their lives. That's why our staff is dedicated to simplifying the details. Nothing inspires us more than promoting this happy opportunity.


The market provides excellent sales channels for local communities and local businesses. Large floor area of ​​5,500 square meters. vt. We offer flexible floor plans for all types of markets. Our front yard can also be used for more vendors and festivals. The venue has a stage, speakers, and mood where you can make presentations. The number of tables and chairs on the market is limited.


Parkdale Hall aims to be a versatile event space where any event can be held. If you are thinking of a unique event, please contact us for more information on how to provide the best facilities for your event. Our venues and staff are flexible and we are confident that we can provide a satisfactory service to your event. Parkdale antiques and collectibles market

Every Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00

The Sunday market has a long tradition, and Parkdale Hall aims to bring that tradition to Parkdale. Admission is free and some of the top GTA providers will be on the market. The market is open from 09:00. M. 5 pm M. Every Sunday. Our sellers bring really unique items. Each item comes with a story and you don't know what to find. Come find your next treasure every Sunday while supporting your business.

Address: 1605 Queen Street West
Venue Type: Concert Hall
Location: Toronto
Min Age: AA or 19+
Dress Code: Dress to Impress
Layout: large 5,700 Square Foot Space
Patio: Yes