Located in Mississauga, west of downtown Toronto, Her. nightclub brings the quality of adult leisure and nightlife to the GTA’s mature clientele. Inspired via adult entertainment venues in Miami, Los Angeles and New York, a night time at Her. will provide you an experience in contrast to any other in Toronto. Each night, enchanting exceptional dancers take over the stage to perform for patrons against the backdrop of amazing light display and one of a kind live show. Every weekend, you’ll discover Toronto’s fantastic hip hop, reggae, dancehall and soca DJs take over the 25000 square foot venue for exclusive one of a kind events.

Guestlist, VIP tables and bottle service is available. Book early to reserve your spot.

Her is a nightlife journey in Mississauga that described itself as “an immersive enterprise, incorporating the luxurious and sophistication of a nightclub with cutting-edge live shows.”

Her boasts bottle service and performances as unique part of the experience

Her is a strip club.

The main room is massive and embellished with pops of hot pink and loads of silver metallic mannequins.

There are bottle service booths constructed around the stage, and VIP areas round the perimeter. There’s a bar at the back and plenty of room for dancing, as well as scattered tables for guests to lean and sip.

Venue Type: Entertainment Venue
Location: Mississauga
Min Age: 19+
Music: Top 40, Latin, Hip Hop