Bar 244

Bar244 is located in the Entertainment District, the home of the nightclubs in downtown Toronto.

Usually, it's a classic bar for getting a casual drink with friends, but it's joining the active party life and becoming a nightclub on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

The club has two stages with two different party zones. 

One is reserved for chilling, socializing and it's located on the main stage.

The second room is a home of the parties, where you can feel the energy of Toronto club life and enjoy various music events.

Bar244 offers a large dance floor where you can enjoy various energetic music, from hip hop and rock to dance anthems and Top 40 hits.

The thing people love the most about Bar244 is that it's pretty affordable.

Bar 244 represents the ideal location for a weekend night out on the budget. 

It's a perfect place for students and everybody who wants some fun and partying in a casual way.

Address: 244 Adelaide Street West
Venue Type: Bar
Hours: Operational hours:
Friday & Saturdays
8:00pm - 2:00am
Thursdays: Occasionally
Location: Toronto
Min Age: 19+
Dress Code: Casual (no track pants and no bandanas)
Music: House, Top 40, Latin, Hip Hop
Layout: 2 Floors