Apt. 200

If you want to have a night out, but you like the home-party atmosphere, Apt.200 is a place for you.

Themed as a classy apartment, this lounge will make you feel at home while sipping your favourite drink with friends or meeting new people.

If you prefer a chilled atmosphere with a small number of people, positive vibes and enjoying the pleasant interior, search no more.

Apt.200 offers rustic design, comfortable couches, pool table and arcade games, perfectly resembling an upscale house party.

Even though it's cosy and comfy, it also offers a memorable party experience, with a lively dance floor and DJs spinning R&B, hip hop and top 40 hits.

Apt.200 is famous for well-crafted speciality cocktails and punch bowls. 

The bottle service is available, as well as the booth reservation. 

If you are tired from the crowded clubs and getting lost in the huge venues, stop by the Apt.200 and have a home party experience with your friends, you won't regret it.

Address: 1034 Queen Street West
Venue Type: Bar, Lounge
Location: Toronto
Min Age: 19+
Dress Code: Stylish
Music: Hip Hop
Layout: Top Floor