Swingers Clubs in Toronto

Monday November 15, 2021
Swingers Clubs in Toronto

Toronto has everything for everyone.

This diverse and modern city offers more than a regular night out and dance club experience.

You will find your wildest dreams and desires fulfilled if you step into some of the peculiar venues that offer entertainment and socialising for open-minded people like yourself.

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1. CLUB M4






Toronto hosts some of the largest upscale clubs and playgrounds for adult fun, reaching for the top place in the world of the swingers lifestyle.

Here are the hottest sex clubs in Toronto where your fantasies will come true.

These clubs combine dance club experience with an intimate social hub, giving you a sweet taste of Toronto's forbidden fruit.

Hope you will find everything you need for an exciting and sexy night out that you will never forget.

Club M4

Swingers Clubs in Toronto

In the New Toronto area of Etobicoke, you will find Menage a Quatre, the largest swingers club in the city.

M4 is a spacious and modern venue, with 2 floors and 5000 square feet dedicated to the play area.
The on-premise area includes a lounge with a full bar.

The club welcomes swingers from all backgrounds, ages (19+) and sexual orientations.
There are plenty of settings and different equipment for all tastes and kinks.

M4 offers various private rooms, a couples area, VIP Library Bar, and several group rooms and play areas.

The play area includes a large BDSM room with benches, St Andrew's Cross and plenty of seating for voyeurs.

If you are at the club for the first time, you will get a tour around to get to know the place and various entertainment it offers.

It's a great place for couples who enjoy swinging or who want to try it out.

The club works every day, from 9pm until 2am on weekdays and until 3am on Friday and Saturday.

The weekends are busy, so if you like to meet many people and enjoy the crowd, catch some of the special weekend events at M4.

However, if you like to spend more intimate evenings and want to explore the lifestyle without many people around, weekdays offer various entertainment nights in a more exclusive atmosphere.

The annual basic membership, which is required to enter the club, is $30 per year for couples and singles and can be purchased at the door upon arrival.

The fee for particular events varies from $20-$40 for couples and $60-$100.00 for single guys, while single ladies get a free entrance for some nights.

There is no strict dress code, but stylish clothes are encouraged.

Oasis Aqualounge

Swingers Clubs in Toronto

Oasis Aqualounge is an up-scale sex club in the heart of Toronto.

It's a body-positive, sexually liberated and clothing-optional space that serves the needs of women and their partners.

The venue covers an enormous 9,000 sq. ft, expertly designed inside a 19th-century mansion house.

Oasis Aqualounge is a water-themed adult's private members spa and lounge, with a modern and contemporary venue that incorporates some excellent facilities.

First-floor hosts a bar and dancing area, pool, spa and sauna.
The locker room, exhibition room and S&M room are on the second floor.
The third floor has open bedrooms and a bar, while private rooms are on the fourth floor.

The Oasis's speciality is the spa area, with a sauna, hot tub and year-round outdoor heated swimming pool in a private sunny courtyard.

Members can enjoy exploring various social and play spaces, including Sybian sex machine, Real Doll sex doll, private playroom, Semi-private and group play spaces.

Oasis Aqualounge offers different events for everyone, and different nights have different terms of admission.

Admission fees vary by day and event, from $50-$80 for couples, $80-$95 for single males and $5 to $20 or free entry for the single ladies.

Oasis Aqualounge offers a clothing-optional experience at your own comfort level.

No one is required to be naked or remain naked.

You will be given a locker to hold your belongings, allowing you to bring whatever clothing, swimsuits, or lingerie you like.

The X Club

Swingers Clubs in Toronto

The X Club is one of the largest and most elegant clubs for adult entertainment in Toronto.

It is an up-scale lifestyle club 15 minutes south of Toronto in the city of Mississauga.

The X Club is a vibrant venue with a modern and elegant interior, divided into two areas: the bar club and the sex club.

The bar area hosts a spacious dance floor with two poles and a lounge zone with couches and bottle service.

The sex area has a locker room, showers, and three separate sections with private and group rooms for open-minded people willing to try new things.

It's a members-only club for couples and single females, with a small number of pre-screened and hand-picked single males.

The typical age range of guests that attend the X Club is between 25 and 50 years old.

The X Club throws various themed events such as Drag nights and Sunday afternoon Kink parties that don't require a membership, only a flat rate entrance fee.

Cover for events is usually $60 for a couple for the first night, then $20 for every subsequent visit.

Membership is required for entering most of the events, and you must be over 21 years of age.

The club is open every Friday and Saturday from 9pm until 3:30am.

The dress code is stylish and sophisticated, as in other upscale clubs in Toronto.

NYX Lounge

Swingers Clubs in Toronto

NYX Lounge is one of Ontario's most upscale adult lifestyle swingers clubs.
It is located in Oakville, inside the Greater Toronto Area.

The venue is spacious and comfortable, with lots of fun play zones to fulfil all of your fantasies and kinks.

There is a back playroom that may be used as an open play area or as a private play area, according to your wishes.

You will find a more open concept at the upstairs loft with four beds and an open view of the dance floor to heighten your experience.

The club is open every Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 4am, and occasionally on Thursdays, Sundays or Mondays.

The minimum age for entry is 23+ for men and 21+ for ladies.

The annual membership is required for entry, and it costs $100 for couples, $20 for single ladies and $100 for single men.

The regular nightly fee is $40 for couples, $60, and the entrance is free for single ladies.
Special events and super party entry fees may differ.

When it comes to the dress code, the club's motto is: "Dress to impress".

They encourage sexy and sophisticated clothing, participating in the theme for the evening.
Flip flops, running shoes, work boots or sweat pants are not allowed, regardless of gender.

Wicked Club (Permanently Closed)

Wicked Club is the leading nightclub for adults looking to broaden their sexual horizons.

It is located on Queen Street West in the downtown core of Toronto.

The venue is large, and it features three floors with smoking patios, two dance floors and one penthouse for adult play.

The penthouse is on the discrete floor, equipped with change rooms, showers and various erotic playrooms.

Playrooms include a voyeur room, fully mirrored room, multi-level "group" room and other semi-private and private rooms.

Wicked Club is perfect for kinky couples or singles who like to show off their lingerie and want to mingle with like-minded folks.

Wicked Club is a private members club.
Therefore, membership is required for entry.

Saturdays are reserved for couples and single ladies; no gentlemen without a couple are allowed.

The club strives to provide an environment where women will feel comfortable.

Fridays and Saturdays entry fee is €60 (including 4 drinks) for couples, €10 ( including 1 drink) for single ladies and €60 for single gentlemen.
Wicked Club is open on Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 4am.

The dress code follows the mantra: "The less you wear the better, but make it classy.

The O Zone (Permanently Closed)

The O Zone is one of the largest sex clubs in Toronto, offering an abundance of sexy amenities to guarantee a memorable night for open-minded couples.

The club is conveniently located close to the Toronto Airport.

The venue offers over 10,000 sq/ft of party and entertainment space for a unique nightlife experience.

You can enjoy dance poles, dance cages, intimate lounge areas, private rooms, and food service inside the venue.

The O Zone is a classy dance club for open-minded couples looking for a great night out in a sexy party atmosphere.

It is a private member swingers club and is not open to the public at large.

Only members in good standing are allowed on the events, and the minimum age for entry is 21.

The O Zone open doors every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9pm until 3am.

The only dress code at The O Zone is "dress to impress".

You can wear whatever makes her feel sexy and secure in a stylish manner.
Ball caps, beach shorts and sandals are not allowed at The O Zone.