Ray Volpe at Club 77 Hamilton

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Date: Saturday December 17, 2022 @ 10:00 pm
Time: 10:00 pm
Venue: Club 77
Address: 77 King William Street
Location: Downtown
Min Age: 19+
Crowd: Bass, Techno, EDM
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Ray Volpe will be stopping in Hamilton on his Legend of the Volpetron Tour ft Fransis Derelle on Saturday December 17th

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Wonderchild Ray Volpe has been making a splash in the heavy dance music community. With compositions ranging from 100 all the way up to 175 bpm, this kid is tearing the scene apart piece by piece. He’s been on the rise since starting back in 2010. Not bound to one style, he’s constantly trying out new things and growing with each song. Most famous for his bootleg remix of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” Ray has gained a massive following which grows by the day. Stay close to Ray Volpe, as his destruction is only the beginning.

Clubs in Toronto

A once thriving newspaper factory reborn. Seventy-Seven (77) is known for the juxtaposition between its state of the art audio-visual production and striking, raw warehouse aesthetics. It has evolved into a diverse electronic venues in Southern Ontario, playing host to weekly international talents from across the musical spectrum.

Roomy, happening nightspot with dramatic lighting, DJs, dancing, music acts & bottle service.

Clubs in Toronto

If you are searching for a premium club experience powered by top quality sound and light system, Seventy seven can be your entertainment palace. 

It is Hamilton city's largest club which can welcome 1000 people thirsty for fun and top-notch clubbing.

Seventy Seven Nightclub offers full bottle service, abundant and high-quality drink choice, and full power visual and sound experience powered by high-level equipment. 

With 2 DJ booths, an intelligent light system and blasting sound, this club provides an explosive party experience.

The outstanding music experience is provided every weekend, hosted by various producers and DJs dedicated to delivering an uplifting atmosphere and transforming your night into dance madness.

Located in the old newspapers factory, the Seventy Seven is a place where unrefined warehouse experience meets modern club standards. While keeping the soul and ambience of old school clubbing experience, boosting it with the top sound production and visual show, this club offers unforgettable journeys for the nightlife travellers.